Monday, November 18, 2013

Gasak Clothing Catalogue 2013 Milan, Italy

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Living History - International Solo exhibition by Gasak in Milan, Italy

Living History is an exhibition by Gasak. The exhibition portrays the concept of individuals making history while alive as all history is a story that once occurred. The individuals portrayed in Gasak's art may not have impacted history on a global level but rather their immediate environment. These are the people we should be looking to for inspiration, their stories are told through the maps on their faces and knowledge in their eyes.

A painting with Gasak in the middle of the streets of Milan, Italy

Gasak has developed his own unique painting style with the use of acrylic paint and brushes rather than the usual spray can.

The opening of Living History will be at Art Studio 38 on the 16 Novmember at 19:30 and will follow by Gasak giving a speech about his artwork on display. (Italian translation during the speech)

Click here: Invitation to Living History exhibition in Milan, Italy

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